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Monday, March 9, 2015

thai green mango salad
I have tasted this Thai green mango salad in restaurants few times. The best thing I love about the salad is its spicy and I love the peanuts in the salad. Yeah I know, I am not a big fan of mangoes, so I like it after these twoBatting Eyelashes. Last week we went to Mayura for lunch and I had this salad, it was very spicy, sweet and crunchy with the fresh shredded mangoes that are not sour and the peanutsLove Struck. I immediately wrote down the ingredients I could guess and decided to try soon. I stay far away from salad usually but not this one, I love it! Mainly coz its spicy… Vj told they may use the almost ripe mangoes that’s why the sweetness is there. But I knew it was from firm mangoes and some sweet syrup is there. I googled and referred this recipe but I adapted to suit my taste as well as what I had in the restaurant, with the noted down ingredients of course. Check out my Thai green curry recipe too.

thai mango salad recipe

Thai green mango salad recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Thai  |  Recipe Category: Salad

Prep Time:20 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins     Makes: 20 - 25


Green unripe mango – 1, medium sized

Shallots/ small onion – 4

Crushed peanuts – 3 tblsp

Red ripe chilli (Birds eye chilli) – 2

Ginger – 1/2 inch piece

Honey – 1 tblsp

Soya sauce – 1 tsp

Coriander leaves – 2 tblsp

Or fresh basil leaves/ Kaffir lime leaf - 1/2 tsp  finely chopped

Salt – As needed


  1. Wash and peel off the green skin of the mango. Using a zigzag peeler shred the mangoe into strips. I don’t have one, so I sliced the mango thinly and julienne cut the mango into thin strips. Do not grate it in a grater as it will make the mango soft, it wont be crunchy in the salad. Peel and chop onion.
  2. 1 julienne
  3. Grind red chilli, ginger, honey, soya sauce, coriander leaves. Add little water if needed. If you want it less spicy, slit and remove the seeds of the chilli before grinding. Anyways still it will be spicy, but less spicy.
  4. 2 grind
  5. In a mixing bowl, mix all these ingredients gently and serve.
  6. 3 mix


    • Always shred the mangoes just before making the salad.
    • Instead of honey, raw sugar can be made as syrup and used.
    • Peanuts should be crushed with a mortar pestle to ensure its not powdered. if you use mixer, then you can sieve to eliminate the fine powder and add the coarse peanuts alone.
    • Thai mango works best otherwise choose a not so sour mango for best results.
    • You can also garnish with few carrot julienne and chopped spring onion as they served in the restaurant.

Serve this spicy salad as starter. Serve along with fresh cut carrots or cucumber to bite on in between to nullify the spiciness!

green mango salad recipe

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  1. Luks Very Yummy.. I will try..

  2. I Have Tried Your Lots of Recipe N all Cums out Very Good..Tkz for Sharing your Recipes with all..

  3. such a perfect one this summer!!! yummy salad..

  4. yummy n tangy,Rak's always rock's

  5. very very yummy,i will try this receipe at home

  6. I always order them I love that peanut crunch in my mouth so much missing it...beautiful shot raks

  7. This looks lovely! I am so going to try making it at home.. but where can I find Bird's Eye Chilli? Can I use ordinary dried red chilli that is commonly used in South Indian dishes or will that give a different flavour? Please advise!

    1. Our regular chilli gives a flavor, otherwise nothing different. U can use it.

  8. I tried this salad and it was so good!just perfect :)


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