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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I had a request from a reader to post bread halwa few weeks back. I added it to my ‘To try’ list and as usual forgot about it. Luckily my Bro-in-law got to taste bread halwa in his work place and he also got the recipe. I followed the same recipe and tried this bread halwa for our anniversary yesterday. I was very tensed in the beginning as I got many doubts while trying and till end I was but nervous if it will turn out good or no. Finally I got the halwa consistency and I felt very happy and content and perfect for our anniversary celebration. My next concern was how Vj would like it as I tried something new, but after tasting it he told immediately that he likes it. So thank you Ashok for passing me the recipe and thank you Smitha for sharing the recipe Happy.
Do not under estimate by the looks of this dessert. It tastes very rich, flavorful and delicious! With all easily available ingredients!

Bread halwa recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time:15 mins     |  Cook time: 25 mins     serves: 6


Bread – 7 slices

Ghee – 1/2 cup

Milk – 2 cups

Sugar – 1/2 cup + 2 tblsp

Almond – 8

Cashew nuts – 10

Cardamom – 3


  1. Cut the bread slices to tiny pieces. Heat kadai or a heavy bottomed pan with ghee. Reserve 2 tblsp of ghee for later use.
  2. 1-roast
  3. Add the bread pieces and roast it golden in low or medium flame, taking care not to turn the pieces dark in colour. It should be golden in colour, so make sure the heat is low and you turn the pieces of bread every now and then. You can toss it too.
  4. 2-roasted
  5. Mean while, boil milk with sugar. Add it to the roasted bread.
  6. 3-milk
  7. Bring to boil and put the flame to low. Let it cook for few minutes and mash it as it gets cooked soft.
  8. 4-cook
  9. Grind almond, cashew and cardamom first to a powder. Then add little water to make it as a paste.
  10. 5-grind
  11. Add this paste to the cooked bread and the reserved 2 tblsp ghee. Keep mixing mashing it well until oil oozes out. If you want, you can fry few cashew and badam in ghee and add to the halwa.
  12. 6-add-to-halwa


    • I didn’t remove the sides of the bread, and I had no problem with that too.
    • Until step 6 it will look very gooey, but dont worry, once you add the cashew badam paste and ghee, it will turn to halwa consistency.
    • 2 cups of milk is roughly half a litre of milk.
    • I used milk bread for this recipe.
    • Do not experiment with ghee quantity as it may turn sticky.

We had it always warm. You can refrigerate and reheat when ever needed. This should keep good  3 days in fridge.


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  1. Looks yummy. Sure gonna try this.

    1. Belated Anniversary wishes Raji.

    2. I dint get exact colour why??

  2. Tempting, feel to try soon for my kids

  3. First of all wish u and ur hubby a very happy anniversary!! Yummy recipe!! Will try it soon!! From Ramya

  4. Looks so delicious... I like simplicity of this halwa..

  5. Happy anniversary! Bread halwa-sounds interesting! Will try........

  6. Happy anniversary Raji ji ! Will try this halwa soon..

  7. I have an idea apply ghee on both sides of the bread and toast the bread in a toaster till golden brown it'll be quick and easy crush and proceed as your method

    1. Nice suggestion, should try it out :)

  8. Happy Anniversary...bread halwa looks gorgeous...

  9. Belated anniversary wishes. Bread halwa looks cool..

  10. Belated wishes Raks!!! Halwa looks delicious...

  11. my mother used to cook this recepie.....

  12. Can I try this with brown bread ?

  13. What I'd the caloric value?

  14. Can I use brown bread for this?

  15. Thank you for all wishes :)

    Brown bread can be used but texture may differ.

  16. Hi Raji,

    I tried this halwa and it came out very well. I prepared this for my sister-in-law and her family. Everyone liked :)

  17. Tried this halwa today Raji. It came out perfect. The measurements you have given are very accurate. I was very hesitant to try first and during the cooking process too it looked very gooey. But a little bit of patient stirring did the magic. Your recipes never let me down :)

  18. Your recipe is completely awesome...its taste toooooo good....all of credits goes to you.

  19. Hi..my milk got curdled after adding bread pieces to boiling milk...I have done 2 times..still same result..please let me know what should I do??

  20. Hi...my milk got curdled after adding bread pieces to boiled milk..I have done 2 times..What should I do??Please let me know

    1. Are you sure you boiling the milk? Also sometimes, if the fat (ghee) is more in the bread, it might curdle the milk.

  21. thanks... it came out well

  22. Thanks for this recipe, I tried it today and it turned out pretty good though a little too sweet for my liking :)
    Next time will try with a bit less sugar.

  23. Hi Raji,
    I tried this halwa on Diwali and it came out really well
    Thanks for the recipe😀


  24. Nice recipe ... Can we use wheat bread 🍞 for this

  25. Omg just now I tried it came yummy my dad s so happy for tis taste Tom waiting for my fiancee result

  26. looks great...can we use wheat bread for this ?

  27. Hey raks....tried this dish today and it came out extremely well.everyone liked it so much.thanks to u.pls keep posting such simple and easy dishes.

  28. I guess it depends on the bread slice sides. If it's browned well, th ecolour might come darker


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