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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our childhood summer used to be super fun and filled with lots and lots of excitements. Many reasons for it. First thing is holidays. The long annual holidays. When there is nothing to read, the whole of our attitudes changes, as if there is no one to question us in this world. We can do anything, roam anywhere in the neighbourhood, play with the kids in the neighbourhood for unlimited time. We used to play a lots of local favourite games like 7 aam kal (game played with 7 or 5 stones with respective songs), dhayam, snake and ladders, trade, kite flying, learning and riding cycle, making no fancy, simple crafts and many un-named favourite games. Cant explain the fun through words.
One among the main thing we enjoyed was ice creams, cool drinks, colourful popsicles and these so called pepsi ice. This is not the cola drink pepsi, but the Indian ice pops in a transparent tube pouch, filled with many colourful flavored drinks and kept cold/ frozen. Mostly they are filled with artificial flavors and colours, but still we never used to know or care about those facts, just enjoyed it. In some places, they even fill it in rectangle or square palm size pouches.
Last year itself I was longing to some how make this pepsi ice pops and kept telling Vj if only we could get those pouches to fill it. Vj used to say, sure something will be there. This year, this summer, again I was so badly wanting to try these. I bought some similar ice pops in fairprice, but wondered where I could get such moulds to freeze our favourite flavours.
Some how I found these Zipzicles in pinterest. When I searched the term where I could get it, I found in ebay and thought I will order it online. Later I found their own website and got these pouches as I wrote to them asking for details. They were really prompt and shipped me as soon as I asked them for the Zipzicles. As a blogger, I got these pouches as samples. *This is not a sponsored post or paid post, I am just posting so that everyone can know about this.*

So what ever is your favorite drink or ice popsicle flavour, you can just pour it and freeze it and enjoy this summer. This one is just like a ziploc, fill it upto the line given as guidance, you can even write the flavor and date you fill using a marker.
I made strawberrry lemonade ice pops, watermelon ice pops, orange and grape ice pops. And made rose milk, nannaari sarbath and masala coke ice pops as desi flavors. You cannot pour aerated drinks in this, but since when we make masala coke all the gas goes off, it was quite ok for me to fill it. I used a small funnel I already had to fill it, but you can directly pour it too placing in a tall container.
After freezing it in freezer for minimum 6 hrs or overnight, you can enjoy your ice pops. Just open the sealed zip and push from bottom to pop the frozen ice to enjoy it. Or you can even enjoy in our desi way of just drinking as it melts.
Kids will sure enjoy this and this could be a fun way to make your kid consume fresh fruits or milk based flavored ice pops using these Zipzicle. You can freeze even milkshakes.
Check out few fresh fruit drinks to use up in these zipzicles
  1. Strawberry lemonade
  2. Orange lemon juice
  3. Tomato juice
  4. Rose flavored Watermelon juice
  5. Rose milk
  6. Masala coke
  7. Ice lemon tea

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  1. Who can forget these...I was waiting to try these since last yr then left out the idea good to know that there is such a ziploc for making these....Lovely clicks!!

  2. Thanks!!! Would love to try it. Do they deliver the zipsciles to India?

  3. wonderful idea. superbly done! seeing these took me back to childhood!

  4. Ur enthusiasm clearly shows in ur posts! Loved the post n the visual treat u offered! :)

  5. Ur enthusiasm clearly shows in ur posts! Loved the post n the visual treat u offered! :)

  6. After long time ... I loved it completely... too good and lovely zipscles

  7. Awesome as always, nice idea. Appreciate your enthusiasm which in turn flows to us too :):)

  8. Wow...this took me back to childhood memories..even though i had it as a rare treat,i used to relish it....nothing bothered the health as well..but nowadays i am so scared to try anything for my kid...the current generation is definitely missing out on the rare treats of our childhood.but good that these can be tried at home...great job by you��

  9. No words to explain, awesome post.Keep up ur good job.

  10. Where did you buy those moulds?


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