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Monday, April 6, 2015

From the time I remember, the one and only drink I love to have is Rose milk Love Struck. I cannot explain how much I like it. Now a days in restaurants, we get a lot of drink options. But in my childhood, I had only this option in restaurants. But even mom make this now and then at home and we both love it a lot. Those days, no fridge too at home, so mom used to buy ice cubes from shop near by in summer and we used to make this and Rasna. There used to be too much excitement for these drinks those days. Now a days, we stock all possible drinks at home but nothing is tasting that same, its purely because we get it so often. After coming here, I used to buy Haldiram’s rose syrup every year. We get few other south Indian brands that sell nanaari sarbath syrup too, but not consistently. This year I didn’t buy any syrup, suddenly today thought why not try rose syrup instead. I had pink colour and essence in stock, so it was easy for me to prepare the syrup. So for this summer, this is enough for me as no one else will drink this at home. I hope this will be useful for this summer for you too.
My parents bought and gave fresh baby pink panneer rose this year, I made rose water with it for washing my face. Every time I wash my face with it, that smell tempting me to drink rose milkBig Grin. Finally today I made and had !! You can make this rose milk popsicle I posted last year too with this syrup.
Rose milk popsicle

Rose milk recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time:5 mins     |  Cook time: 12 mins     Makes: 2 cups Syrup


Sugar – 2 cups

Water – 1 & 1/2 cup

Pink food colour – 3/4 tsp

Rose essence – 3/4 tsp to 1 tsp

Milk for making rose milk as needed


  1. In a heavy bottomed vessel, add sugar, water and heat it. Stir it well to dissolve the sugar.1-sugar-syrup
  2. Bring it to boil. Let it boil for 4 mins in medium flame. Add food colour towards last minute.2-add-food-colour
  3. Let the syrup become thick. If you test between your forefinger and thumb, a small string should form and break – sticky consistency. Not one string consistency. 3-ready
  4. Switch off the flame and add rose essence. 4-add-essence
  5. Cool down completely and pour to bottle, to store in the fridge. To prepare rose milk with this syrup, place 5-6 icecubes in a tumbler.5a-mix
  6. Add 1 cup boiled cooled milk and 3 tblsp of the prepared rose syrup. Mix well and serve immediately.5-mix


    • I added 1 tsp of essence and it was good for me, use good quality rose essence.
    • Rose water is totally different from rose essence. If using rose water, you may need to add more.
    • This syrup should stay good for a month in fridge.
    • This sugar syrup must be enough for preparing 10 tumblers of rose milk.
    • Don’t use low fat milk, use full cream milk for perfect taste.
    • You should boil and cool the milk for best taste.
    • Always serve chilled.

Rose milk tastes great only when had cold, so add ice cubes and chilled milk. Perfect for this super hot summer.

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  1. hi raks tasty as well as beautiful post.even i too prefer this to drink than any other juices.and can u post how u prepare rose water?eager to know,because here in chennai we get this rose easily.

  2. Very simple recipe of healthy drink which can be prepared in all houses.

  3. Beautiful pictures raji maam

  4. Nice idea to make the syrup at home... Endless possibilities now.. Will try this... Bookmarking it

  5. This is how we my prepare rose milk from my childhood. Never bought rose milk outside :-) will taste superb

  6. For summer its superb ideas

  7. Rose milk words in photo are pretty. HOW DO YOU MAKE IT .

  8. Ur recipes are very interesting... Tried many recipes from ur site...

    Today I tried making this syrup, but I went wrong..

    After cooling down.. it started making thick layer and my sugar was forming as crystals...

    Syrup consistence was half string... as u mentioned..

    Plz correct me where i went wrong....

    1. Sugar syrup past the required consistency. You should keep the flame in medium while making syrup and do not keep stirring after the syrup dissolves. No need to get perfect one string consistency. Initial stage is enough.

    2. Thanks.. I will try once again...

      How long we can store the syrup? do we need to add any preservative?

    3. In fridge upto a month.

  9. I added red color instead of pink which I didn't have...Rose milk was orange in color.

  10. Is Rose essence available in departmental stores?


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