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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chow chow bath
Chow chow bath / bhath is a famous south Indian breakfast menu from Karnataka. Last week when I was browsing Instagram, I saw this picture of chow chow bath. Being a upma lover, I obviously got attracted by this oneBatting Eyelashes, but the name chow chow bath was new to me. Infact, after seeing it, I searched for the term chow chow bath in instagram to see more pictures of it. I saw everything served in pair with kesari. But I wasn’t aware that if this rava kichadi and kesari served together is called chow chow bath. I thought it must be rava kichadi made with “chow chow” vegetable (Chayote). I searched for chow chow bath recipe to try as I just then got two organic chow chow (chayote). Then only realised its only rava kichadi (khara bath) and kesari (kesari bath) served together is called soTongue.
We call it kichadi if the rava is cooked with vegetables, tomato and lots of ghee/ oil with more water. And upma if the water ratio is less and simple without any vegetables or tomato. So this khara bath definitely has to be done with loads of ghee (authentically) or oil and with rava and water ratio 1 : 4 respectively. Same applies for kesari bath. It should be made with lots of ghee and water ratio more to get that soft texture. If you compromise in the ghee content, you will never get the same soft textureNerd.
Vj is a great fan of kesari, so I thought today I will make this combo, myself being a upma fan I thought this could be a great treat to both of us. I made idli for Aj as he wont tough any of these above. After finishing clicking, when I tasted this, it was really amazing to eat this savory khara bath and sweet kesari bath side by side. And with coconut chutney, its just out of the world. I honestly never expected serving together could make such huge difference to both these dishes. Happy that I tried. I make kesari bath with only 1/4 cup which will be enough for Vj to have twice and kichdi with 1/2 cup rava, enough for both of our breakfast. So do try this combo when ever you find a chance and make your breakfast Love Struck special Love Struck.

Check out the recipes here and remember the water, ghee/ oil ratio mentioned above.
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  3. Coconut chutney recicpe

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To prepare for this breakfast menu,
  1. Grate coconut, chop onion, tomato and vegetables for khara bath and keep all the other ingredients like green chilli, curry leaves, rava etc., ready. Also the ingredients needed for kesari – rava, raisin, ghee,etc ready.
  2. Grind coconut chutney. When you switch on the stove, first finish tempering for chutney, then make khara bhath. While its getting cooked, side by side make kesari bhath. 
Serve hot with coconut chutney in a plate together khara bath and kesari bath.
chow chow bhath

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  1. A simple menu looks so colorful n appealing because of your presentation and fotos..hats off to you��...great job raji...

  2. Same sweet Raji! When I first heard the name some time back, I too thought its a rice with chayote !! LOL!! Should try this combo someday!

  3. "chow chow" in local Kannada actually means to mix haphazardly or messily... So I guess that's why the name to this dish... :) I love this combo too!

  4. The clicks are so inviting...


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