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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

lauki-palak-paratha Lauki also known as bottle gourd, sorakkai used to be one of my favorite in childhood days. Only I like the sorakkai kootu my mom makes. Otherwise I have no idea what one would do with it. But after marriage I have never made it as Vj is not a big fan of it. The sorakkai kootu recipe in my blog has been clicked when we made it during my Chennai visit. But I always wanted to cook lauki. But I am too lazy to cook that especially for me. But these days I am dont bother to cook, I try to include more vegetables in my diet, so I when a reader friend Chithra Balasubramaniam sent me this recipe, it sounded too good and I thought I should try it very soon. So this week when I saw this in Fairprice, I thought I should try this sure and make a post too. Today I made this for my lunch and I loved it so much. I love parathas so much for lunch or dinner than the regular rice menu I make. But mostly lack of time and laziness wins. But today, I made this just for me and this will be my dinner too. I will happily eat for both lunch and dinner. Its healthy and tasty too. Thank you for this wonderful recipe Chithra Happy.

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Lauki palak paratha recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch/ Dinner
Prep Time15 mins     |  Cook time: 20 mins     Makes: 8


Wheat flour/ atta – 1 & 1/2 cups

Lauki/ bottle gourd, grated – 1 cup

Spinach, Finely chopped - 1 cup

Potato, boiled – 2

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Coriander seeds powder / dhaniya powder – 1 tsp

Black pepper powder (optional) – 1/4 tsp

Asafoetida / Hing – A generous pinch

Ajwain/ Omam – 1 tsp

Salt  - As needed


  1. Pressure cook potato for 3 whistles, peel off the skin, mash it. Wash and finely chop spinach. Keep aside. If you want, you can cook spinach slightly by sauteeing or blanching ( boil water, add the leaves to it and boil for 2 mins, drain)
  2. 1-step
  3. Peel the skin of lauki, Cut into four, remove the spongy thing, seeds in the middle. Grate it, keep aside.
  4. 2-grate
  5. In a mixing bowl, take all the ingredients and mix. No need to add water. The lauki will leave out water as you knead, so keep kneading until the mixture forms a dough without cracks.
  6. 3-dough
  7. Make equal sized balls out of it. Dust with more atta or maida and roll out to parathas.
  8. 4-roll
  9. Heat tawa and cook the parathas side by side as you roll it. Drizzle some oil over hot tawa and cook the rolled parathas. Drizzle oil over the parathas too while its getting cooked. Cook in medium flame, gently pressing with the ladle now and then to ensure even cooking. Repeat to finish cooking all the parathas.
  10. 5-toast


    • Prepare everything only when you are ready to make(cook) the parathas. Because, the lauki will leave out water if you keep it for a while.
    • If you keep the prepared dough for long time it will become too sticky. So make parathas as you prepare the dough.
    • Never add water, just keep kneading until a dough is formed.
    • In case the dough becomes sticky, sprinkle more flour and knead to make it non sticky.
    • Pepper powder makes it super spicy. So if you like spiciness and pepper flavor, you can add it.
    • I used sambar powder in place of red chilli powder, dhaniya powder.
    • Potato might be making it more tastier I guess as lauki is too bland in taste.

Serve simply with curd and pickle. I had with my mango thokku Happy

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  1. Looks nice! No need to boil the spinach??

    1. If you want, you can sautee and add. But I added as such and cooked paratha in medium flame. Since we finely chop it gets cooked.

  2. Hi raks, i could'nt find roomali roti on ur page.. can u plz explain me the recipe..

  3. Will this be good while travelling for long journey? can it last for at least 24 hrs.

  4. With lauki in it, I am afraid it may not stand for 24 hrs, 12 hrs is fine. May be you can check my methi thepla, it could keep good.


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