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Thursday, June 11, 2015

I have tasted shrikhand few years back in Chennai, but not homemade, I got from store in frozen section. When I came home eagerly to taste and had my first mouth, it was not tasting good at all! Worried I am not sure if the pack was not handled well in the freezer or I am not sure that’s the way it taste originally. After that I never ever wanted to taste or try it out. Now this time when I was thinking what to try newly with mango for this mango season, mango shrikhand came to my mind. So I saw this video. It was really simple and easy with minimum ingredients. I actually do not like saffron smell in shrikhand and this had no saffron in it too. So I tried it and it was really good and rich.

Mango shrikhand recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time3 hr    |  Cook time: 0 mins     Makes: 2


Hung curd – 1/2 cup

Mango pulp – 1/4 cup

Sugar – 2-3 tbsp

Cardamom – 2

Chopped nuts – 1 tbsp


  1. Hang curd in a thin clean cloth like a cheese cloth/ muslin cloth for atleast 3 hours. All water should drain. Transfer this hung curd to a mixing bowl. ( I used 1 & 1/4 cup curd to get 1/2 cup hung curd).
  2. 1-hung-curd
  3. Add sugar, mango pulp, cardamom with this hung curd and mix well.
  4. 2-mix
  5. Beat using a whisk until smooth and transfer to the serving bowl. Garnish with nuts.  Cover and refrigerate until cold before serving.
  6. 3-ready


    • To puree mango, just scoop the flesh and grind it in a blender without water.
    • Fresh mango works best, but readymade mango pulp can also be used, adjust sugar accordingly.
    • The cardamom flavor should be more, so add generously.
    • Adjust the sugar quantity according to the sweetness of the mango and your sweet preference.
    • Nuts like almonds and pistachios can be used. The chopped nuts can be mixed with the shrikhand too.

Delicious, rich, no cook, easy to prepare mango shrikhand dessert! Do try it out!


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  1. Hi raji..it is great to see all ur new recipes now with video..it is really useful..way to go..keep up the wonderful job..

  2. Hi, it's so nice to see your recipe in video. Thank you

  3. Awesome video... My daughter loves shirkhand a lot just because she has seen in lot of videos lord Krishna used to have a lot... Will make it for her..

  4. Awesome video... My daughter loves shirkhand a lot just because she has seen in lot of videos lord Krishna used to have a lot... Will make it for her..

  5. must have for the season..lovely bowl and lovely clicks

  6. Mouth watering recipe. I can finish off the bowl in no time :)

  7. Saw you rainbow muffin in Thozhi. Awesome. Should give a try.

  8. Hi...I tried this yesterday and it was so yummy...kids andmy hubby enjoyed it thoroughly...

  9. Word less video explains more..., super recipe..

  10. Which milk gives best hung curd?
    Does Meiji milk works fine for it?
    Where can we buy Muslin cloth?

    1. You can use the UHT milk available in carton too. They give thick curd. You can use any thin cotton white cloth like dupattas too. Not that you need to use muslin cloth


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