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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Krishna Janmashtami, Janmashtami, Krishna Jayanthi, Krishnashtami, shree krishna Jayanthi, Gokulashtami 2015 is on 5th September, Saturday.
Gokulashtami 2016 is on 25th August, Thursday.
This is a festival to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. As a kid, I always have celebrated Gokulashtami in my parents place. We make kai murukku, uppu seedai, vella seedai, appam and payasam. I remember only seedai and murukku. And the maakolam we draw, the baby krishna’s feet that is drawn from entrance to the pooja room. Though I have not helped much and only see what my mom does, it always is a fascinating festivals when compared to others because of drawing the baby krishna’s foot in kolam. After marriage, I almost forgot everything, only for past few years I have started celebrating. Vj always insist me to do post on how one has to plan, prepare, do things. For past 2 years he has been insisting but this year I determined to post this sure.

Collection of Gokulashtami recipes

These are the recipes we make
  1. Nei appam recipe (or)
  2. Instant Wheat flour appam recipe
  3. Kai murukku recipe
  4. Uppu seedai and vella seedai recipe
  5. Paal payasam recipe (or)
  6. Aval payasam recipe
Kai murukku with video Uppu seedai and vella seedai aval payasam paal payasam nei-appam-recipe Wheat flour banana appam Maida seedai thattai-recipe

Check out the other recipes you can make during Gokulashtami festival.

shirkhandgopalkala malpua Vella aval aval kesari paal kesari microwave therattipal   Mullu murukku Thenkuzhal mini murukku seepu seedai Aval ladoo paal kozhukattai paal kozhukattai

As a disclaimer, I have to say – this is only the way WE celebrate the festival in our family, only our family practices. This will be helpful for myself sure for future reference, and if any one is benefited  from this post, I am more than happy :) 

After head bath, soak raw rice – for kai murukku, uppu seedai and vella seedai together  and for appam (if making nei appam with rice) separately and for maakolam separately. Buy fresh milk if possible and boil milk, set for curd, and separate butter if you want fresh butter. Or you can keep store bought butter too. You can finish all you other regular breakfast, lunch work and cleaning work and start the festival work. First you can finish drawing kolam so that it dries up while pooja. We draw baby Krishna’s feet from house entrance until pooja place and again draw from pooja place to house entrance. Meaning, we are inviting baby Krishna and finish our pooja, send him praying him to come next year same as this year and bless us.

Now off to Kitchen work. Spread the soaked rice for murukku seedai in a white cloth. Keep a clean white cloth separately for this purpose alone.As mentioned in the post, grind the rice and divide the flour for murukku and for seedai. For seedai, we need to dry roast until steam rises. So do that and keep aside. Now make dough for murukku, salt and sweet seedai.  In the clean cloth, make murukku one side and keep seedais rolled other side. Make 3 seepankuzhal for baby krishna  as mentioned in my seedai post (rolled as stick – lollipop version of seedai for baby krishna). You should fry murukkus first, salt seedai next and sweet seedai last as sweet seedai makes oil cloudy. Every time you handle murukku, seedai in hot oil BE IN A SAFE DISTANCE, after dropping in oil.

After this work, you can make paal payasam or aval payasam. Then make appam. Boil milk and add sugar candy, pacha karpooram to it. Now keep ready payasam, butter, curd, milk and aval (Poha/ rice flakes) each in a bowl. We add couple of tulsi leaves in each bowl for garnish.

For offering God : If you have a Krishna idol or picture decorate it with tulsi, flowers (Sangu poo if possible) In front of Krishna, over the kolam, Spread banana leaf, keep murukku, seedai and appam. In the thaamboola thattu (Pithalai thattu) keep betel nut and leaves (vethala paaku) , fruits and coconut if possible. We break coconut while pooja. Keep along the other things like payasam, aval, butter, curd, milk in separate bowls (Silver if possible). We should keep these vessels separately just for offering to God. We usually keep all the things prepared in front of God and sweet separately in a banana leaf piece (yeadu) for the vilakku (lamp).

In our grand mom’s  house, they do the pooja at 12 am mid night. But we do only in the evening while we lit lamp. Above all, don’t frustrate yourself putting all works in your head and do it as burden. Once in a while these festivals come, so we can do it to our heart satisfaction with what ever we can do. If you are an office goer, do it simple with curd, milk, butter, aval (flattened rice) which are Krishna’s favourite, along with fruits. If possible, do payasam or appam. You can make muruuku sedai the previous day too.

So here’s my shopping list for the festival. Add or reduce as per your family practice.

My shopping list

  1. Jaggery

  2. Cardamom

  3. Cashew nuts

  4. Urad dal

  5. Wheat flour (if making wheat flour appam)

  6. Raw rice

  7. Sesame seeds

  8. Aval (Poha/ flattened rice) 

  9. Oil

  10. Milk

  11. Butter

  12. Coconut 

  13. Betel nut leaves

  14. Fruits (Banana, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Guava)

  15. Banana leaf

  16. Flowers, Sangu poo, Tulsi,

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  1. Grt article..perfect timing..nicely explained

  2. Good work Raks.Will be useful.Thanks for reminding the date.Also many of us will not be having kutti krishnar photo in our house.We can buy it.My mom gifts the small idol to newly married couples.

    1. Yes I too got one last year only. So I used guruvayurappan picture :)

  3. Very nice and much help ful recipe.. thank u so much... first time going to celebrate this year only... because I got a boy baby last year.. so going to start from this. Year.. the way u explained also very nice..

  4. Very nice and much help ful recipe.. thank u so much... first time going to celebrate this year only... because I got a boy baby last year.. so going to start from this. Year.. the way u explained also very nice..

  5. I think its betel leaves

    1. Gosh Yes!! :( Thanks for pointing out, updated

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thank you for such a nicely put article and at a great timing too....

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  10. Hi Raji.. I have been a fan of all ur recipies and ur site is the first one that comes to my mind if I have to try something new.. 7 yrs of my marriage I have not tried making savouries once on my own.. This time ur Janmashtami recipes gave me the confidence of doing it.. Tried seedai, Kai murukku (though it dint come out that well), mullu murukku.. Thanks again for all the help that u have given me..

  11. Beinng a maharastrian these recipes (other than dahi poha) and rituals are totally new to me..but i totally enjoyed reading them. You simplify things and life too:) keep posting new recipes..awaiting:):)

  12. Great guide! Comes in very handy...


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