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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fried modak is made with wheat flour outer covering and coconut, jaggery filling. Deep fried in ghee or oil, it can keep good for few days too. My mom told me this recipe when she was here. I was afraid last year how it would turn out without opening up in oil and if it would spoil the oil. My mom gave me the confidence as she made a lot of this and nothing opened up while frying. She deep fried this in ghee. And she told it kept good without getting spoiled for few days too. So I decided to try this out and it turned out really good. I found it easier than the regular kozhukattaiBlushing.
Wishing all my readers, friends a happy Ganesh Chaturthi!! Batting Eyelashes

Check out the video for Fried modak recipe

Fried modak recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweet
Prep Time20 mins    |  Cook time:25 min     Makes: 10

Outer layer

Wheat flour/ atta – 1/2 cup, heaped

Water – as needed

Salt – as needed


Grated coconut – 1/2 cup

Jaggery – 1/4 cup

Cardamom – 1 , powdered


  1. In a pan, heat coconut, jaggery, cardamom with a tbsp of water. Cook over medium flame until the jaggery melts and again becomes thick. It will start leaving the sides. Set aside for cooling. 
  2. 1-stuffing
  3. Make a smooth dough out of flour, water and salt, in a mixing bowl. Let the dough be stiff, not too loose. If you add more water, then outer layer won’t turn crisp.
  4. 1-dough
  5. Make big chapathis. Cut out smaller discs using a lid. Repeat to finish the dough and arrange in a broad plate. You can roll again the dough we cut out from the chapathi.
  6. 2-roll
  7. Make equal sides balls with the coconut pooranam we made in step 1. Grease your hands with ghee every time. Keep one ball of stuffing in the middle of the small disc.
  8. 4-shape
  9. Fleet it on the top and pinch to seal it. Repeat to finish all, in the same way.
  10. 5-shape
  11. Heat enough oil in kadai, once hot, put the flame to medium. Drop few modaks at a time. Cook in medium or low flame until golden turning now and then to avoid browning at spots. Drain in paper towels.
  12. 5-fry


    • Make sure pooranam is not watery. If watery, it may lead to opening up while frying due too too much steam inside.
    • If you mix the stufiing in high flame or for more time than needed, then it may turn hard or brittle.
    • Make the dough stiff so that the covering turns crisp as you deep fry.
    • To get a even cooked crispy modaks, cook in low flame for long time. At no point the ghee or oil should smoke while cooking.
    • If you find more dough on the top while making modak shapes, pinch out little dough on the top after making the shape.
    • Keep turning while the modak gets fried, otherwise it won’t get evenly golden.

Ghee fried modaks are crispier, tastier and keeps good for longer time. Delicious and flavourful fried modaks for Ganesh chaturthi!

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  1. wow! looks so yum Love your 2nd pic amazing Raks

  2. Lovely...I too tried it only a couple of days back...beautiful pics

  3. My mother and aunt make this every month on sankatahara chathurthi...i am a big fan of this dish...lovely clicks as usual..

  4. Hi Raks.. this is really new to me.. gonna try this tomorrow Ganesh Chatuthi..

  5. Plz upload Urdu some things k name nae pata apki recipes k so plzzzz Urdu m upload be kardy hmry haha some things k Name or h or apny India m or plzzzzz

  6. Plz upload for Urdu recipes plzzzz I can't understand for some things

  7. Nice recipe I would try

  8. Nice recipe I would try

  9. Looks very crispy..Will try it out this time !!
    The kutti Ganesha idol & its base in the background are eye catchers too... :)

  10. Looks yummy and great. Happy vinayakar chathurthi to u n family

  11. Is it not possible to do rice flour. Will it break? .. But loved this, first time hearing /seeing such!!


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