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Monday, October 12, 2015

Sundal is made during Navratri season when Kolu is kept in households. Sundal is must and offered to God and distributed to the people visiting kolu. It's simple and easy to make, can be made easily in bulk and nutritious healthy snack too. Those days, only sundal and maximum a sweet will be made and distributed to the friends and relatives visiting, along with thamboolam. Now a days, Navratri prasadams are made a lot in a fancy way, packed neatly and distributed too with a return gifts. Still, sundal remains as a classic prasadam in the menu.

Please check my Raks Kitchen Tamil website for few recipes in tamil. I will update other recipes soon.

Last week I drafted few sundal recipes for Navaratri. While typing, I thought why not type in Tamil too and give links for download. So here are some south Indian sundal recipes from Rakskitchen for this Navrathri. Few sundal recipes are yet to be posted, I will post in English in this week. Click the below picture if you need to know how to download the files.

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  1. Wow recipe in Tamil s grt idea Raks:-)grt collection

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  3. interesting to see recipes in tamil..great job raji..


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