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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kebab wrap with corn kebab and homemade wraps. I have already posted kebabs – corn kebab and gulnar sheek kebab. So any of your favorite kebab can be used. I have used homemade tortillas, you can use readymade tortilla wrap too, for making the job easy. You can make the tortillas ahead and keep too. Can use thick, large chapti too as wrap. So choice is yours. I made this for Kungumam thozhi few months back, thought I will post here too. With holidays coming up, this could be helpful to plan your kid’s snack.

Kebab wrap recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time 30 mins dough resting time + more  |  Cook time: 40 mins     Serves: 4

Click here for cup measurements

Corn kabab Ingredients (Makes 12)

Corn - 2

Potato - 2

Bread slice - 4

Corn flour - 3 tbsp

Onion - 1

Coriander leaves,Chopped - 2 tbsp

Mint leaves,Chopped - 1 tbsp

Lemon juice - 2 tsp

Melted butter - 1 tbsp

Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

Garam masala - 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder(optional) - 1 tsp

Salt - As needed(or 1 tsp)

Oil/ butter  -  1 tbsp

Tortilla wrap Ingredients (Makes 4)

All purpose flour/ maida - 3/4 cup, heaped

Wheat flour - 1/4 cup, heaped

Olive oil - 3 tblsp

Baking powder - 1/4 tsp

Salt - As needed

Warm water - As need

For making the kebab wrap

Green chutney - As needed

Tomato sauce - As needed

Cucumber, sliced - As needed

Tomato, sliced - As needed

Onion, sliced - As needed

Lemon juice - As needed

Sour cream - As needed

Method for making tortilla wrap

  1. To make more wrap, double the quantity. Mix both the flours, salt, baking powder well in a bowl. Add olive oil and rub well. Gradually add required warm water and knead to a smooth dough. You can rest the dough for 15 minutes. Divide into 4 equal sized balls.
  2. 1-tortilla
  3. Roll into discs, dust when ever needed with all purpose flour. Heat a pan and toast the rolled tortillas on both sides in medium flame until slight golden dots starts to appear,also take care its evenly cooked.
  4. 2-tortilla

Method for corn kabab

  1. Grate corn roughly. If the grated corn is too watery discard the juicy milk from corn. No need to squeeze hardly out,just gently to get rid of the excess liquid. Boil potatoes,peel and discard the skin and crumble it. Crumble the bread slices freshly in mixer. Mix everything in a bowl.  1-kabab
  2. Make equal sized balls of the prepared mixture and oblong shaped cylindrical kebab shapes.  Make sure the kebabs are not too thick. roll to make it uniform and smooth. Heat oil and deep fry the kababs in medium flame until golden. Drain in paper towel.2-kabab

To make wrap

  1. Spread a tbsp of sour cream in the tortilla wrap.1-spread
  2. Place one kebab, few cucumber slices, tomato slices and onion, to one side of the wrap. Over that, sprinkle few drops of lemon juice. Sprinkle some green chutney and tomato ketchup.2-arrange
  3. Roll tightly to cover. Sour cream will help holding the wrap shape, so no need to worry. Cut diagonally if desired.3-wrap


  • Note that the wrap ingredient is only for 4, so double or triple as needed. 
  • Kebabs can be made ahead and refrigerated before frying. Just fry when needed.
  • You can use lettuce too in the wrap. Using more vegetables can make the wrap more nutritious.

Serve with green chutney or simple with ketchup!

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  1. Wow yummy and delicious food.Do u have any idea these types of food 4 kids lunch.

  2. what's the recipe for sour cream used in this?

    1. I used store bought sour cream.

  3. Very nice recipe raks . Great job.. much impressed by your recipes..I tried your paneer mutter yesterday. Came out very well. Thank u so much

  4. Looks awesome. I have tried your corn kebabs before!

  5. Can u tell me whether the corn is boiled or raw one?and also recipie for sour cream

    1. It's raw corn. Sour cream is store bought.

  6. Can frozen or tinned corn be used? Also grating kernels can be possible with the above so can it be coarsely pulsed in a mixie?.

    1. Yes, you can adapt your method of grinding the corn. Frozen means, can be thawed and drain the excess water. Canned also drain completely before using.

  7. Can frozen or tinned corn be used? Also grating kernels can be possible with the above so can it be coarsely pulsed in a mixie?.

  8. looks yummy. but missing sour cream recipe.

  9. looks yummy. but missing sour cream recipe.

  10. Excellent presentation......apadiyae eduthu sapidanum pola irukku..

  11. Hi, as a mother of two, I believe that your blog is the go to place to get the right recipes for children!
    I love your style of cooking :)


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