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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sukku coffee is an appetizing and flavourful drink made with sukku (Dry ginger/ sonth) and coriander seeds (Dhaniya). I always make sukku coffee without roasting and with just two main  ingredients. Very easy method and very refreshing drink. This is best home remedy for loss of appetite, indigestion, gastric problems etc. I have already posted another version with fresh ginger, this is also a similar one with dry ginger. This also helps in healthy weight loss if you have indigestion problems, through which you retain weight. You can have thrice a week, as too much can hurt your tummy. I felt like having this sukku kaapi last weekend after I bought this dry ginger for making Thirikadugam (Trikatu) for my kid. The aroma of sukku was just irresistible. As a kid, I have ran away from all these, but age mattersBlushing. These days, looking after ourselves is a big task and keep looking for change in lifestyle to adopt a healthier one.
I have given with sukku (Dry ginger), but you can also use sukku powder we get in packets in shops.


How to make sukku kaapi video

Sukku coffee recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time 10 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins     Makes: 8 cups


Dry ginger, Crushed roughly – 1/2 cup

Coriander seeds – 1/2 cup

Palm candy – As needed


  1. Break the sukku to soften it. We cannot add as such in mixer, otherwise mixie will get spoiled. So I used my hand mortar and pestle for this.
  2. 1-powder
  3. Transfer to the mixer and just run it to powder it coarsely. No need to powder finely. This way the aroma is very different from using fine powder, I feel.
  4. 2-sukku
  5. Add coriander seeds and again do not powder finely, let it be coarse.
  6. 3-grind
  7. Transfer this to an airtight container and you can use it for a month. To make a single serving, boil 2 cups water. Lower the flame.
  8. 4-powder
  9. Add 2 heaped tsp of this sukku malli powder (Dry ginger+ coriander powder) and let it boil in medium flame until it reduces to half.
  10. 5-boil
  11. Add palm candy (Panangarkandu) as needed to sweeten and let it dissolve. Switch off the stove.
  12. 6-add
  13. Filter it through a metal strainer and transfer the sukku kaapi to the cup.
  14. 7-ready


    • You can make then and there too, instead of making the powder ahead. Just place a small piece of dry ginger and break it until soft in a mortar and pestle. Add 2 tbsp of coriander seeds and crush it too coarsely until aromatic. Proceed from step 4. I find this way, its more aromatic as we are crushing the ingredients than powdering.
    • You can use karuppatti (Palm jaggery), or jaggery or even honey (must be added only to luke warm coffee) to sweeten this coffee.
    • You can add a cardamom to make it more aromatic.
    • You can add little milk after you switch off the stove.

Aromatic, appetizing and refreshing sukku coffee! The whole house will be smelling divine when you make this and your family will be lured to kitchen to see what’s in the makingBatting Eyelashes.




  1. Thank you very much. I am looking for this for a long time.
    Will it help weight loss?

    1. Yes, sure. It boosts the metabolism and also burns stored extra fats

  2. Hi tried this recipe...Was too good...I was searching for tea cups as you have posted. Where did u get those cups> Too cute...

  3. Hi Raji,

    Make sure you remove the skin of dry ginger even if you buy an organic. It is toxic and causes indigestion.


    1. How to remove skin from dry ginger? I too have heard fresh ginger's skin is toxic.

    2. Soak the dry ginger in warm water for few minutes. Then it will be easy to peel. Anyway you are going to boil it. So moisture present in this will not be an issue.


  4. Dear Raks,
    You emphasise 'without roasting'. What is special or added value of not roasting the coriander seeds? Do explain, it helps understand food better.

    1. I have no medicinal reason for not roasting. The flavour is different and I like it. Lazy version too :) And not sure about the candy and sugar difference.

  5. And one more question: Is palm sugar the same as palm candy ground?

  6. Thanks Raks... it helped...

  7. Hi raks Akka.belated women's day wishes. Feeling great when I visit ur blog.hatsoff to ur dedication.I too remove skin of dry ginger by simply scrubbing it using knife as we do for ginger.as this is healthy drink we can make it more healthier by removing its skin thatsall��

  8. Is this also called as malli coffee in Chennai?

  9. Yes it is truly divine. Tried it yesterday. Tasted like koil prasadam. So sad that we have to limit the intake. 😚😚


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