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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Easy corn flour tortilla chips that is gluten free and great snack. I had a recipe long time to try that I saved from a public forum. But it was not a gluten free. Then found this simple recipe. Just yellow corn flour/ makki ki atta (masa harina) and water, salt. Simple and flavorful result. I sent this recipe for my step by step series in Kungumam thozhi magazine. Thought I could use this recipe to schedule when I am in vacation. If you are a fan of tortilla chips, do try this for snack. I tried a cheese dip too, but have only step by step pictures for it. So will share later.

Corn tortilla recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Mexican  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 1 Hr  |  Cook time: 12 mins   Serves: 3

Click here for cup measurements


Masa harina/ yellow corn flour/ Makki ki atta - 1 cup

Salt - 1/4 tsp

Hot water - as needed


  1. Mix corn flour, salt and add required hot water to knead to a soft dough. Keep aside for 1 hour.
  2. 1-dough
  3. After an hour, knead again and divide into 4 equal sized balls. Use any fine flour (like rice or white corn starch) to dust and roll into flat discs like we do for roti. I used all purpose flour for dusting. But as I said any gluten free flour should work.
  4. 2-dough
  5. Heat a tawa and toast the rolled tortilla in medium flame without changing its colour.
  6. 3-cook
  7. Cool down and cut into triangles.
  8. 4-cut
  9. Pre heat oven at 190 deg C and bake it at the same temperature for 6 mins first, then flip and bake for another 6 mins or until the tortillas turn crisp.
  10. 5-done


  • This yellow corn flour is sold as masa harina or makki ki atta in the stores. It is slightly corase in structure.
  • The dough should be non sticky yet soft.
  • The rolled tortilla will look with cracked edges, but don't worry about it.
  • You can deep fry the chips instead baking. But make sure to cook slowly to make it crisp.
  • You can reduce the baking temperature by 10 deg C if you find the colour too dark.

Serve with tomato salsa or any cheesy dip or sour cream dip.



  1. I havee been waiting for this recipe! thanks for posting!!

  2. Wow really surprised raks . While I saw the post, I was eating nachos and thinking why do coffee day sell just 40 grams of nachos for fifty rupees. I think this means timely post :) :) :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Waooo... thank u so much raks for this recepie. Just yedterday I tried to check the cheese dip receipe but didnt find it on your site... please share the cheese dip receipe... I will make nachos today itself for my kids... when the receipe is from raks kitchen, there isn't any space for another thought, just cook it n enjoy it!! ��

  5. Ur blog always rocks.

  6. My favorite tortilla chips, love them with salsa!! This recipe is definitely a keeper...

  7. Raj, should we mix any other flour along with cornflour in first step. Whil kneading the flour it never binded together and was becoming powder could not roll it at all. Please help.

    1. I never added anything while kneading, it was bit tricky to handle. If you want you can add 1 tbsp maida to bind.

    2. I will try and update. I could never succeed so trashed the mix.


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