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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Learn how to make soya chunks kurma, a south Indian flavoured gravy with soya chunks in this post. I started loving soya nuggets which is also popularly known as soya chunks or meal maker, when I tasted first time in my hostel canteen (not mess) in mix veg kurma. It used to taste really awesome. But none of my family members like it, so I avoid buying and making it after I started cooking. Sometimes I will feel like having soya chunks kurma. But who will make for my sake? So avoid it. I  make my soya chunks curry. I love that.
I wanted to try this style of kurma for long time now, will be thinking to add some soya chunks in my regular mixed veg kurma too, but since I will be making in morning, I will not be able to take extra care for this soya chunks and add it to the kurma (I like soya chunks only soft and with out that bland boring smell, so I make sure to pressure cook, wash and then use in the recipe). Some say adding milk while cooking soya chunks can also take out the smell, but I have not tried that. This pressure cooker method always works for me. It makes the soya chunks super soft, which makes it to absorb all the masalas too and get blended well. This is an awesome combo for chapathi and parotta. So do try it out at home. A healthy and delicious gravy for roti and parotta.

Soya chunks kurma video:

Soya chunks kurma recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sides
Prep Time: 15 mins  |  Cook time: 20 mins   Serves: 2

Click here for cup measurements


Soya chunks – 3/4 cup

Onion – 1

Tomato – 2

Garlic – 5 flakes

Turmeric – 1/8 tsp

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Garam masala powder – 3/4 tsp

Salt – As needed

Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp

To grind to a paste

Coconut – 1/4 cup

Cashew – 7

Roasted gram dal – 1 tsp

Green chilli – 2

Ginger, chopped – 2 tsp

To temper

Oil – 1 tbsp

Cinnamon – 1 small piece

Cardamom – 1

Clove – 1

Biryani leaf –1

Curry leaves – A sprig


  1. Pressure cook soya chunks with a cup of water and 1/4 tsp salt for a whistle in medium flame. Once done, wash it in water well and squeeze (do twice). Keep aside.
  2. 1 soya chunks
  3. Grind the items given under ‘To grind’ table with little water.
  4. 2 soya chunks
  5. Add oil to the pressure cooker, add whole garam masalas given under ‘to temper’ table, followed by curry leaves, very finely chopped garlic. Fry until garlic turns fragrant, without changing its colour.
  6. 3 soya chunks
  7. Add finely chopped onion, fry till transparent, add chopped tomatoes, salt. Give it a mix. Add turmeric, red chilli powder, garam masala powder and mix well.
  8. 4 soya chunks
  9. Once tomato turns mushy, add the soya chunks. Mix and cook for 2 minutes covered in medium or low flame.
  10. 5 soya chunks
  11. Add ground coconut paste to the cooker and mix for a minute.
  12. 6 soya chunks
  13. Add 1 cup water, check for salt and pressure cook for 2 whistles.
  14. 7 soya chunks
  15. Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves.8 soya chunks


  • You can add some of your favorite veggies too in this kurma. Or potato alone.
  • Make sure to salt properly, otherwise the gravy wont be tasty.
Serve with chapathi or parotta the best. I guess it should be nice with mild pulao or biryani or tomato rice too. soya-nuggets-kurma

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  1. Looks delicious. I usually soak in hot water before cooking soya

  2. Kurma looks yum Raji. I started buying soya chunks after seeing your biriyani recipe. Even in my family only I love this:) Will try this kurma soon..

  3. Yummy.You must try mock chicken too.It is like soyachunks only
    But a little more tasty

  4. yummy kurma..cooking soya chunks with milk take out the smell for sure...

  5. wow it really worth trying very tasty dish


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