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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Motichoor ladoo is an Indian sweet, different from boondi ladoo, because this is with tiny boondi and slightly different method of preparation and ingredients. In this post, you can learn how to make these tiny boondi with step by step pictures and video. I always wondered how they manage to get so much tiny boondis. I have searched a lot in blogs, websites but, found nothing which explains the trick of getting tiny boondi. I have seen another method in which they grind the regular boondi and make motichoor ladoo. I have been postponing to try this recipe as I did not want to try that way. I know there should be some technique to make tiny boondi. Once when I was making plain salt boondi for boondi raita, the batter became watery and I got really tiny boondis. But it was more like a mess, half of it were like sev.
I wanted to make video for my boondi ladoo post this year and also I am a big fan of boondi and ladoo, but never get to eat. I know  only if I can make myself I can eat it. So, when I went to chennai this year, I asked my MIL to buy and keep the boondi ladle. She too was sweet and thoughtful, bought and kept for me. Without this ladle I don’t think this recipe is possible. I remember my mom had two or three varieties of this boondi ladle which we call as Jalli karandi. One made of brass and other two made of iron. one of them is used to drain the boondis from oil. Other one to make boondi. When she used to make boondi or ladoo, my grandma will help or vise versa. I too have helped her when I have grown up. As she makes large quantity, another helping hand is a must to finish it fast.
Coming to today’s recipe, luckily saw few videos in which they show the technique, but was in doubt if it will turn out good, will it be possible for me and so on. It looked bit complicated, but somehow I was determined to try. I had plan to grind and do if it doesn’t turn out tiny, but wow, I pulled it off! Applause I know many of you have been wanting to know how they make motichoor ladoo with tiny boondi, just like me. Finally the search has come to an end here! Big Grin Impress everyone with this ladoo for this Diwali. No one will first believe that you made it, but make them believe, take a bow!

Learn how to make motichoor ladoo video

Motichoor ladoo recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Sweets
Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins   Makes: 12

Click here for cup measurements


Besan, coarse – 1 cup

Orange food colour – 1/4 tsp

Milk – 3 tbsp

Salt – a pinch

Oil/ ghee – to deep fry

Pistachios - 12

Sugar – 3/4 cup

Water – 1 cup

Cardamom – 1, powdered

Rose essence – 3 drops

Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp


  1. Take besan (kadalai mavu/ chickpea flour) in a mixing bowl, add salt and whisk well or you can sieve too. Add milk, food colour and required water to make a thick batter. Refer video for consistency.
  2. 1-batter
  3. Heat a broad kadai with enough oil. Keep a heavy, taller (than the kadai using) box/ dabba near the kadai, without touching the flame or the kadai. Place a kitchen cloth or towel, folded over the container. This is for tapping the ladle over the oil.
  4. 2-set-up
  5. Once the oil is hot, put flame to low or medium and hold the boondi ladle in slanting way, above the oil, so that the handle rests over the dabba. Pour batter all over the ladle rather than at one place. Quickly start tapping the handle of the ladle over the dabba, so that the batter gets sprinkled in the oil. 
  6. 3-pour 4-tap
  7. Once the bubbles reduces and you could see boondis, remove it from oil using a wire mesh ladle. Never let it for more time, otherwise it will get crispy and brown. Drain in paper towel. Repeat to finish.
  8. 5-drain
  9. To make sugar syrup, boil sugar and water until one string consistency. That is, if you swipe the back of the ladle with your fore finger and check between your thumb, a string should form.
  10. 6-syrup 
  11. Switch off the flame, add lemon juice, cardamom and rose essence.
  12. 7-flavour
  13. Add the prepared boondi, mix well and keep it closed for minimum 20 mins or until all the syrup is absorbed by the boondi.
  14. 8-soak
  15. Chop finely and fry the pistachios in ghee. Add to the soaked boondi, mix.
  16. 9-roll
  17. Grease you hand with ghee. Take palm full of the boondi and make ladoos. Repeat to finsish and arrange in serving plate.
  18. 10-ready


  • If you are not able to make tiny boondi, don’t worry, make regular ones, run in mixer after step 7. Make laddos. Looks equally good and tastes the same.
  • This boondi takes in a lot of oil, so make sure to drain each batch over paper towel.
  • And you can use oil or better ghee or ghee + vanaspati to deep fry the boondi as the boondi flavour mostly comes from that.
  • Restrict yourself with only one per day/ time. It is really heavy.
  • I don’t have wire mesh ladle, so used my metal strainer.
  • While tapping, be careful not to tap on the kadai.
  • If possible, get help from another hand, while making the boondi.

I arranged in muffin liners. But can keep as such too! Store in airtight containers. Aren't they gorgeous and pretty? :)

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  1. Wow yummy ladoos.. wanted to try this ladoo for a long time, as I m a great fan of it.. but since it is not available in ur site ( I m a great fan of u too)I was bit hesitant to do it .. may be will try for this Diwali

  2. Wow, looks appealing and mouth watering. Happy diwali Raji

  3. Bravo ! Looks yummy and really inspiring. Looks just like the motichoor laddu from the delhi sweet shops

  4. Is there any other way to make tiny boondhis than using that spoon ?

    1. Make big boondi, run once in mixer

    2. *Run half the boondis in mixer.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hi I was searching for this mothichoor laddoo for long time.... thanks for the recipe... by the way can u please tell me what's the ladle hole size (how to find the small ones)where can I get this ladle in chennai....pls reply

  6. Ohh ... Wow, Lovely lady , Thanks for the secret tip , love it. Happy Diwali !

  7. Perfect ladoos Raji..lovely presentation as usual.with your video and instructions there is no chance of going wrong in the recipe:)

  8. hi raji....i m a big fan of tiny ladoo....thank you so much.....2days before i tried your ennai kaithrikai recipe its awesome.....thank you so much.......

  9. I mean u r wow..simply wow...seriously..☺ you made the entire process look so easy..hats off lady! Awesome!!!

  10. You make it look so easy. Once you enter the kitchen, the truth will come out. :D

  11. Wow, super, neatly done and presented. Happy Diwali....
    Ah, happened to c your blog and jeyashris seems u ppl have switched to a separate stove for blogging😊

    1. I am having this stove for past 8 years, when I needed when I was in rented home. Then started using off late for blogging. Good to put something in use than keeping as such right?🙄

  12. Hi raks cute looking laddus.

  13. Rose essence mandatory ?? or is their any substitute ??

    1. You can skip and use cardamom alone. If you like clove flavour you can add that too.

  14. Hi Raks. Can you please let me know it's shelf life? I'm planning to make it today and Diwali is 4 days away.. will it stay good?

  15. mouthwatering gorgeous ladoos👌👌

  16. I by mistake got rose water instead of essence.. can I use that?

    1. Sure, than rose essence, rose water is best!

    2. Thanks for the response.. can you let me know it's shelf life? Will it stay good for 3 days?

  17. Hi.. I have added more water for sugar syrup it seems.. So even after soaking Boondi for 30 mins - am not getting the perfect texture.. What I can do now to get perfect ladoo?

  18. Hi I have added more water to the sugar syrup it looks.. So even after soaking Boondi for 30 mins - still it looks lil watery and am not able to make ladoo out of it.. Any tips ??

    1. If the syrup consistency is right, it wont be watery. So you can drain or gently squeeze the excess and rest it for more time before trying making ladoos. Still if it doesnt hold, you can keep in flame and stir for sometime and try shaping.


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