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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kambu adai recipe – bhajra, pearl millet spicy lentils adai recipe with step by step pictures. Healthy adai with millets and lentils combination. Bhajra or kambu is a millet I am buying for the first time (as grain) after Vj insisted me to buy. I had no idea what to make with it, but wanted to try. One of my reader friend (Swarna through Kasturi from UK) asked me to try adai with it and realized just to replace rice with bhajra/ kambu. I was really tempted to try. So tried this and loved the adai totally. It was crispy, tasty and nutritious too. great way to use kambu/ bhajra/ pearl millet. Do try this one if you want to include this amazing millet in your diet. Guilt free, tasty and healthy one.
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Kambu adai recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 3 hrs soaking time    |  Cook time: 30 mins   Serves: 6(12-14 adai)

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Pearl millet/ bhajra/ kambu – 1/2 cup

Chana dal – 1/2 cup

Toor dal – 1/4 cup

Urad dal – 1/4 cup

Onion – 1

Ginger – 1/2 inch piece

Cabbage, finely chopped – 1 cup

Red chilli – 8

Asafoetida – 1/4 tsp

Curry leaves – 1 sprig

Mustard – 3/4 tsp

Oil – as needed

Salt – as needed


  1. Wash and soak kambu, chana dal, toor dal and urad dal for 3 hours minimum.
  2. kambu-adai-recipe-step-1
  3. First grind red chilli powder, salt, ginger and half the asafoetida to a coarse powder.
  4. kambu-adai-recipe-step-2
  5. Add the kambu and soaked dals drained from water. Grind coarsely with little water. You can make immediately or rest for 1 or 2 hours before making.
  6. kambu-adai-recipe-step-3
  7. Temper with mustard, asafoetida, curry leaves and sautee onion.
  8. kambu-adai-recipe-step-4
  9. Add it to the batter. Add chopped cabbage and mix.
  10. kambu-adai-recipe-step-5
  11. Heat tawa and grease with few drops of oil. Add little batter and make thick adai. Cook covered in medium flame and flip and cook for another minute until golden. Add oil as per your preference.
  12. kambu-adai-recipe-step-6


  • You can soak kambu/ bhajra overnight and add dals to it in morning, soak for 3 hrs.
  • Make sure to grind and break the kambu as it is a small grain. Or you can soak it separately and grind first before adding dals.
  • Do not ferment for more than 1 or 2 hrs. refrigerate after that.
  • You can skip tempering and add onion as such.
  • You can add few mint leaves as suggested by the reader friend. But I had no stock, so didn’t add. but it was fine without mint.

Serve hot, I loved it with naatu sakkarai and butter. You can have it with your favorite.

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  1. Can we make them thin like dosa?

    1. Can i use kambu flour..if yes pls let me know the measurement.. thanks..

    2. The texture will be so different. You can use 1 cup for this recipe if you want to try


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