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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gingerbead men cookies is a must during the festival season / Holiday season. This is really flavourful and delicious with the spices we add in the dough. If you are looking for some eggless/ egg free Christmas recipes, this is a must try. Though I have this cookie cutter for around 3 years now, I have not dreamed to make this that much because always thought it was complicated. I have never read any recipe for this, or even tried reading. But this time when I was thinking what to post for this Christmas, I remembered this one and wanted to just browse the recipe for gingerbread man cookies. The ingredients is the reason I felt bit hesitant to try.
We have cinnamon powder, clove powder and mainly the ginger powder in this recipe. And most of the recipe calls for molasses. I decided to make everything from scratch. Because I know that the cinnamon powder, clove powder and molasses, will be kept as such in fridge, had no idea how to use it up. I am not a big fan of these stron smell spice powders.
I remembered seeing these powders in fairprice in small bottles, I felt it was bit expensive. Mustafa also has these spice powders, but the problem is they sell in large quantities. When I don’t even know what am I going to do with the small bottles, what would I do with those 250/500 gm packets. I will stay in my freezer for ever.
I remembered having cinnamon and cloves with me, so I powdered them finely and stored in small bottles. I had ginger powder already, so it was not a problem. I adapted the recipe partially from here. In place of molasses, I substituted it with out jaggery syrup and kept fingers crossed until I got whole cookies without breaking and tasted it.

Gingerbread man cookies recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Continental  |  Recipe Category: Snack
Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins   Serves: 18 (large cookies)

Click here for cup measurements


All purpose flour – 1 cup

Brown sugar  - 1/4 cup

Molasses or jaggery – 1/4 cup

Butter, at room temperature – 1/4 cup

Cinnamon powder – 3/4 tsp

Dry ginger powder – 1 tsp

Cloves powder – 1/4 tsp

Baking soda – 1/4 tsp

Milk – 2 tsp

Salt – A pinch

For icing

Icing sugar  - 1/2 cup

Milk – 1 tbsp

How to make gingerbread man cookies step by step method:

  1. First I prepared the jaggery syrup as I had no molasses with me. Heat 1/4 cup powdered jaggery with 1 tbsp of water until jaggery melts (in low or medium flame). Once dissolved, filter it through a metal strainer and let it cool down.
  2. gingerbread-man-cookies-ste
  3. Once cooled, add milk to it and mix well. In blender, powder the brown sugar (I used unrefined sugar).
  4. gingerbread-man-step2
  5. Add flour, cinnamon, cloves,ginger powder, salt, cooking soda and blend it well along with the powdered sugar.
  6. gingerbread-man-step3
  7. In a mixing bowl, place the butter and add jaggery syrup(+milk) to it and beat well until creamy. I used my hand blender for it. Add flour mixture to it.
  8. gingerbread-man-step4
  9. Make a dough and slightly flatten it, cling wrap it and refrigerate for minimum 30 mins. You can keep this dough refrigerated for 2 days and make later too. After 30 mins, unwrap the dough. Place another cling wrap over it.
  10. gingerbread-man-step5
  11. Spread carefully using rolling pin into 1/4 inch thickness. Peel off the top cling wrap. Using gingerbread man cookie cutter, cut the dough. You can use any of your favorite cookie cutter shape.
  12. gingerbread-man-step6
  13. Take out the excess dough carefully first from the outer part. You can use a thin spatula to take out the cookie. I lifted the cling wrap and transferred to my hand and transferred to a baking tray, lined with baking sheet, dusted with flour. Preheat oven at 160 deg C and bake the cookies at 160 deg C for 8- 12 mins. Cool over wired rack.
  14. Gingerbread-man-step7
  15. Work with the dough again and repeat to finish the dough. If too soft to handle, refrigerate for sometime and work again. Cool down the cookies completely. Prepare icing by mixing icing sugar and milk to a smooth mixture. Fill a ziploc with the prepared icing, make a really tiny hole in the tip. Pipe the icing over the cookies to decorate it as per your wish.
  16. Gingerbread-man-step8


  • You can roll over a baking sheet instead of cling wrap. This will be easier to take when using spatula to take it out.
  • If you have molasses, you can use it and skip the first step.
  • I used unrefined Demerara sugar, but using brown sugar will given more deeper colour and taste too.
  • I powdered cinnamon, cloves myself and used it. You can get it in stores, it is available in the groceries.
  • I used salted butter and skipped the salt.
  • Make sure to powder the sugar very fine.
  • Level the prepared dough before cling wrapping, so that it will be easier to spread after refrigerating. If the dough breaks while spreading, use your hands to gently pat to certain thickness and then roll it.
  • The cookie will be soft as you take out from the oven, but later will get firm. Also the baking time depends on your oven and how soft/ crisp you want it. This cookies can be made soft too.
  • For icing, let it be thick, not too runny. If it is too runny and your icing spreads, add more icing sugar or 1/2 tsp corn flour to it and mix again to make it thicker.
  • You can use food colour and make the icing colourful, recommend to use natural food colour.
  • Initially, to decorate with the icing may not come out perfect, I decorated my first gingerbread man like a ghost, but as I proceeded with patience, it came out better. So be patient and keep trying.
  • You can make it vegan by using vegetable shortening in place of butter and vegan milk like almond milk or soya milk in place of cow’s milk.
  • Cookie count may vary according to the thickness and cookie cutter size. I made my first batch thick, so I got just 18.

Once the icing is set, store in cookie tin. Icing is optional and you can have it as such too. The cookie is very flavourful and tasty, your kids would love it a lot, just like Aj.

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  1. Semma cute... Lil lil ginger bread man awwww!!! Good work :)

  2. Cute icing decoration!! :)

  3. CutE decorations...just a query,as am not feeding my kid maida shall I use whole wheat flour instead...

    1. Sure you can use whole wheat flour. If you find dough too dry, add little more milk.

    2. Thanx for your prompt reply raji...

  4. Thank you so much!! My son had done gingerbread man in school today and I was looking for a recipe and I found yours!! Excited to try it tomorrow

    1. Let me know how it turned out to be :)


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