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1. What are the measurements used in this blog?
Measurements used in all the recipes, unless otherwise specified 
        1 Cup         = 240 ml
        1/2 Cup      = 120 ml
        1/4 cup      = 60 ml
        1/8 cup      = 30 ml

       1 Teaspoon tsp        = 5ml
       1 Tablespoon tblsp  = 3 tsp = 15 ml 

2. Can you give exact water and salt measurements in your posts?
I have tried my best to give the details as much as possible for easy understanding, but its really difficult to give exact measurements for water and salt. So all my recipes will be having "as needed" for these two. Because, its all about how much its needed while the cooking is in process and your own taste.

 3. Can you give cup measurements for chopped vegetables, onions, tomatoes etc..?
I am really sorry, its really difficult for me to give those measurements in cups, I understand some bachelors need this way, but I cant help!

4. How can I contact you? Can I add you in google talk/skype and other social media networks?
You can drop me a mail at rakskitchen@gmail.com, I will reply you as soon as possible within 3 days. And I am sorry I will not add you in my google talk/ skype or other such social media networks due to privacy reasons. You can always follow Rak's kitchen in the social media networks, please click on the respective icons in the header to stay connected.

5. What oven you are using? Give some basic tips.
I am using a combination oven (Panasonic Dimensions 4)which has microwave, convection and grill mode in it. All my baking recipes are done with the same oven but in "convection mode". I DO NOT bake in microwave mode unless otherwise specified. Generally people think if its a combination oven with microwave mode, convection mode and grill mode, they conclude I bake in microwave oven. There is a lot of difference between microwave baking and baking in "convection mode" in a combination oven.  

6. I am new to baking and wish to own a baking oven. Can you suggest me any oven which will be useful to me?
This is the most asked question to me, first of all let you all know one thing. I am also like any one of you, a beginner in baking, who bakes very very very rarely. The oven I am using is not the one I bought, its left over by the previous owner of the house I am staying, so I don't even have a manual for it. All I do is only through experience. So If you ask me which oven should you buy, I am really helpless. I just ask my friends what ovens they use and just reply you. So since I am using Panasonic, I know that's good, plus, I will suggest what 2 of my other friends use, thats what I can help about it. You can always browse in the internet before buying one and ask for assistance in the shop about the latest and efficient models depending upon your requirements. I am sure the person around that area can help you most than me. 

6. You are not mentioning the preheat temperature in all of your posts, how will I know what temperature I should preheat?
Generally, ovens should be preheated to the specified Baking temperature. That is if the cake is baked at 190 deg. then the oven should be preheated for the same temperature. Also there will not be any specific time for this in my model. I will start the empty oven at the needed temperature and continue heating, when the oven reached the specific temperature, then it will beep indicating that the temperature is reached, then I proceed baking. Every oven is different, so please go through your owner's manual for exact way to preheat your oven.

7. I mailed you/ asked you in comments section a query, you never replied for it? 
I am really sorry about that, probably I have missed to notice your mail/comment, after all I am also a human being like one of you. If I see your query un answered any time, I will reply you! Sometimes, if the query has been answered already in the above comments so many times, I might have ignored it, or there might be an answer in the post itself. So read the post thoroughly before leaving a comment or a mail.

8. I am a beginner in cooking. How you/ your site will help me? 
If you are a complete beginner who has never cooked- or even tasted- Indian food, don't worry.  This website describes step by step preparation with pictures as much as possible, using precise measurements. I only write and post what I experience while cooking, so that it will be helpful to others and sometimes me too, if I want to cook it again :)  Still Indian cooking is not inclined towards precise measurements. It all comes about practice. Cooking everyday or as much as possible continuously will teach you more than any other. So if it doesn't turn out properly for the first time, don't worry, you will sure get it right as you keep on cooking.

9. You have mentioned "temper" in most of your Indian recipes. What does it really mean and how to do it correctly? 
Temper in south indian cooking means : Heat oil in a pan/ Kadai until it hot. If you drop the mustard seeds, it should pop immediately. Pop the mustard seeds until the last one. Otherwise it will be bitter. So make sure the oil to be hot as you drop the mustard seeds, it should pop (crackle) immediately. Then add the other items one by one and fry until golden. This will be happening soon, so keep everything ready to avoid burning. In North Indian cooking, just heat oil/ghee and add the whole spices and give it a fry.

10. Can you explain the equipment you use in your cooking?
You don't need any special equipment for Indian cooking, how ever, here are some equipment that I use :
Kadai / Irumbu satti (iruppu satti) : This is a must in Indian cooking for great results. Can be any  metal : non-stick, indolium or cast iron.
Non-stick pan, sauce pans, very sharp knife, rolling pins and boards, mixie, grinder, blender, steamer, idli pot, dosa pan (non sitck or Iron), paniyaram pan (non stick, iron or indolium), different types of ladles.  

11. I saw a transparent brownish glass vessel, that you keep over stove in your recipes. What is it?  Can it be directly used over flame? How much else it is useful? 
The bowls I use in some of the posts that is transparent and brownish is a type of corning ware and yes it can be used over direct gas flame. It is very useful for me as its easy to clean and more over its exciting to see the food cooking/ boiling through the transparent body. The brand name is VISIONS and you can google about it to find out more about it. I bought it in Singapore. No idea if it is available in India. 




  1. Very useful ...thank u..

  2. Hi you have specified the measurements in ml.. Does 240 ml equal to 240 gms?

    1. No 240 ml doesnt mean 240 gm as each ingredient have their own weight. It is just liquid measure for a guideline to measure dry ingredients.

      For ex: 1 cup of flour will not weigh same as one cup of sugar.

    2. HI Raks ,
      Gud morning, i been a fan of your cooking styles and tips , keep continue the GREAT JOB SUPERRRB... ALL THE BEST

  3. Hi... If you could show us the picture of your measurement cups, it will be easier to understand rather than mentioning it as 240 ml, 120 ml etc.. and also the spoons!!
    I like to try all your recipes... they are easy to follow. Recipes that I have already tried from this blog has come out really well.. thank you so much!
    I have also recommended this website to many of my friends..
    Once again thank you!

    1. Sure will update soon :)

    2. Hai ur most of the recipes are i prepd, so tasty and yummy. so my humble request s publishing book Bez its carry anywre if without WiFi connection v use ur book na so betr publish book its very helpful fa all.

  4. Hi Raks...

    Ur recipes are easy to follow. U r maintaing ur hair in healthy way, i guess. Please tell me any healthy food which helps to avoid hair loss.

  5. hello Raks, Thank you for sharing ur recipes...Those are absolute delicious. Well, a quick question. I've been searching for 'serving size' in all your recipes. I'd be happy if you'd add it along with your ingredients. I'm really sorry if i had missed that information, if you'd already posted. Thanks once again!

  6. hi raks,
    can u please add the recipe of potato chips home made.i want to mak and stock it for variety rice

  7. HI RAKS
    i want you to add home made potato chips recipe which gos with variety rice.please try and add for us

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  9. Hi Raks
    Your photography is awesome and the recipes are too good. All the best ....

  10. Hi Raks
    Your photography is awesome and the recipes are too good. Keep blogging. All the best.

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  12. Hey! amazing blog and im going to try out few recipes from your list.. I love cooking and have some "hand-down" recipes from mom and MIL.. good to see your blog..!

    Cheers, Su

  13. Hi Raks,

    Could you please post a recipe for veg ball manchurian?

  14. Hi Raks,
    Could you please post a recipe for veg ball manchurian?

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    I follow your website & have tried my handson diff recipes youve posted.. it turns out just awesome! Its been a yr since ive been married but cooking was never so interesting until Ive visited ur site.
    Thx Raks..and keep 'em coming

    Jenn xx

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    Jenn xox

  27. I have seen your blog just today when it redirected from other website. We have spent whole day going through. It is very nice to have a blog like this. Thanks a lot and keep continue. One question, we didn't get the details of how many servings will come for the measurements you are giving in your recipes. If it is already provided anywhere else, please mention the details of the same. Once again thanks.

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    All the measurements in ur recipes are accurate and its outcome are perfect & too delicious as well... :)

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    Ur recipes r beautiful n fun to try out
    I wld lyk to know if u have recipes with lasagne
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    I am greatly inspired by your site. I have my own hooby site at weebly.com.
    Recently i bought my domain through BigRock. But I'm totally blank on how should i move my site, and the web builders with these domains are pathetic.
    Please can you tell me which host and web building services is good?


  34. mailme at rakskitchen@gmail.com

  35. Mam can you share different recipes of puliyogre... and some recipes of egg rice... salad recipes...

  36. Hi please tell me about the type of vessel that is used in oven. In microwave mode, in grill mode and in convection mode. I use samsung oven. Is it safe to use aluminium foil or butter paper in oven in all the mode. Please help me out. Thank you in advance.

  37. You can use aluminium foil in convection mode. Not in microwave mode. For microwave mode, you can use glass that are meant for microwave cooking. And few other plastic materials that are safe to use in microwave.

  38. Hi Raks, Iam a frequent viewer/user of ur site. THanks for all the post that makes me a good cook :) One request... Can you plz develop an android app of ur site which wil be very useful for many of us to use it with mobile. If you already have any, plz let me know.

  39. Hi.
    Whenever I make idlis it's turning out pale yellow. My mom buys the same rice n urid like I buy. But she gets white idlis. It depends upon how we grind also?

    1. Wash the rice well until water runs clear. Also do not add too much methi seeds. Hope you grind in wet grinder. Try new stock of methi also and see.


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