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Lemon Oats

  Lemon Oats Recipe

  Prep time : 2 mins   |   Cook time : 10 mins
  An easy dish with most least ingredients. Tangy and spicy…

  Oats Pongal recipe

  Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 25 mins 

  The authentic pongal made with oats in place of rice. Indulge the delicious guilt free pongal…

  Oats Savory Porridge recipe

   Prep Time:15 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins
   Not all porridge s are boring    tasted. This one is with lots of garlic and coconut milk…

  Instant Oats dosa recipe

   Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 5 mins per dosa
   The absolute instant dosa. Make it when you are in hurry, still want a delicious, guilt free breakfast/ Dinner.

  Instant Oats Idli Recipe

  Prep Time: 15 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins 
  Delicious just like our rava idli. Only that, this is healthier choice and more textured.

  Oats Kozhukattai Recipe  

  Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins

   A steamed delight that comes to rescue for your snack time cravings. Make it for you dinner too, its filling!

  Oats paniyaram Recipe

  Prep Time: 3 hrs soaking time    |  Cook time: 15 mins

  I just made oats paniyaram with lentis and red chillies- tastes like our adai!

 Oats Upma Recipe

  Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 15 mins

  The oats gets our desi make over as the oats Upma, with vegetables!

  Oats lentils drumstick leaves adai recipe

  Prep Time: 3 hrs soaking time    |  Cook time: 15 mins

   Replace rice with oats in the regular adai and make it with adai and drumstick leaves!



  1. nice website.. i was searching for masala vada receipe, rather to confirm my guesses and method of preparing the same. The pictures of the dishes in your websites are mouth watering.. I happy that i hit the bull's eye.. Keep up your good work...

  2. Hi raks, thank for ur time in posting eecipes along with photos to follow it easily, nowadays ur website is like a morning newspaper for me, I give a glance at recipes and plan the menu for the day, fantastic job!!!!!!!!


  4. hi raks.... thanx for d awesum recipe's

  5. I have tried oats idli, turned very well

  6. Hi! Love your blog. I tried oats kozhukattai. It was fabulous. Thank u so much :)

  7. Super cool recipes raks

  8. I have learnt to make so many dishes and cooking tips from your blog. The pics and step by step instructions are super easy to follow and makes cooking a breeze. Thank you for all your recipes and keep up the great work!!


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