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Subscribe to my Youtube channel for full recipe videos! Below are the quick helping videos for some basic learning.

How to shape vada video

Learn how to shape vada using single hand with no banana leaf to shape it. Get the full recipe in Medhu vadai recipe post.

How to make ghee video

Learn how to make ghee/ clarified butter. Get the full recipe in Homemade ghee recipe post.

How to make crispy roast dosa video

Get the full recipe here in How to make idli dosa batter recipe post.

How to fold momos video

Get the full recipe here in Veg Momos recipe post.

How to roll aloo paratha video

Get the full recipe here in Aloo Paratha recipe post.

How to make swirls in Badusha video

Get the full recipe here in Badusha recipe post.

How to puff a roti on direct flame

Get the full recipe in Roti recipe post.

How to make Rava Dosa video

Get the full recipe in Onion rava dosa recipe post.

How to make Kai murukku video

Get the full recipe in Kai murukku recipe post.


How to make modak shape video

Get the full recipe in Modak recipe post.

How to make kozhukattai with decorative folds

Get the full recipe here in Ulundhu Kozhukattai recipe post.

How to roll kathi rolls

Get the full recipe here in Kathi roll recipe post.

How to shape ladoo

Get the full recipe here in Boondi ladoo recipe post.

How to shape murukku/ Chakli

Get the full recipe here in Atta murukku recipe post.



  1. i found your blog yesterday and am totally smitten by the recipes n photos. loved it.

    will be making most of the typical tamil cusine from your recipes


  2. Awesome momo making Raks, I'm amazed at the ease and perfection of making. I'm christening your blog as Rak's (Rocks) Kitchen

  3. your rocking raks.... keep going

  4. I loved your videos very very very useful. thanks a lot and u r a genius :)

  5. u r a real genius...awesome!!!

  6. Lovely recipes .. Wonder how I missed ur blog .. Keep rocking and cooking !!!!

  7. Awesome recipes, photos and video. Keep rocking!!! Your blog is an inspiration...Love your blog!

  8. Oh my god... May the peace be upon you and your family ..... I have never seen such a simple and powerful blog......

    Plz accept my thanks....Habeeb

  9. Very nice blog...I stumbled up on it yesterday while searching for Hakka noodles....you are doing an excellent job..

  10. I have become a fan of your cooking ...Thanks for the wonderful n mouthwatering dishes..

  11. Nice blog.have become a fan of ur cooking. thanks for ur wonderful and mouthwatering recipes...Tried ur momos last week..

  12. please post the vedio of butter naan, waiting eagerly to prepare it traditionally

  13. please post the vedio of butter naan cooking in traditional way

  14. Awesome recipes and excellent instructions. The photos and videos are great!!!

  15. recently found your blog,love to see all your recipes,daily i will see your blog.thank you so much....

  16. recently found your blog,love to see all your recipes,daily i see your blog,thank you so much.....

  17. You are awesome Raks, you are very inspiring with excellent traditional recipes and THANK YOU for sharing such wonderful tips.I just stumbled on to your site today and I am an instant fan.

  18. You are awesome Raks, very inspiring with traditional recipes. Thank you for the wonderful tips , they are very useful. I Love cooking, just bumped into your site and I am very impressed .

  19. U made me an expert cook raks!!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Have become a great fan of your blog... liked the way you explain everything with clear and clean pics.

  21. I tried many recipes of urs and it came out well. Thanks to u..

  22. found ur blog recently.... its just simply superb....all recipes are lovely.... thank u so much.........

  23. i need panipuri rasam recipe

  24. Could you please tell me what sort of dosa kal did you use to make crispy big dosa? Is that alloy? or Iron? Or.. Something else?

  25. hi Rajee unga recipes ellme super

  26. hi Rajee unga recipes ellame super niraya naan try panirukkan...

  27. Hi Raks,

    I am a beginner for cooking. Ur site is really helpful for me. Ur steps are very easy and simple..

    it gives me more confidence to do cooking.....

  28. i like ur kid corner recipes very much

  29. U r recipes are awesome and u show it in a easy way to make thank u a ton

  30. Could u post ur measurement cups pictutes plz...

    1. Check the link measurements in left side bar top. I have given. Check from desktop version of this site.

  31. i Love all your receipies cup measurement are really useful


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